The use of this homeopathic medication has improved the quality of life and survival of cancer patients, providing pain relief in addition to improving their symptoms.

Vidatox 30CH prevents the undesirable symptoms produced by the cytostatic drugs and ionizing radiations to which cancer patients are usually subjected.

The venom from the Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus Junceus has been shown to have antitumor and anti metastatic activity on solid tumors. It, therefore, represents a potential therapeutic alternative for the treatment of neoplastic disease in humans.

Above, we see the cancer cells, which multiply rapidly and form a tumor that progressively grows into normal tissues. With tumor growth, there is an increase in pressure on the surrounding nerves, causing mild to unbearable pain. As with normal tissue, the tumor is fed by the blood vessels to grow. This process is called angiogenesis.

Blue Scorpion Venom, the active substance in Vidatox 30 CH, binds to tumor cells and blocks tumor angiogenesis that feeds the tumor with the necessary nutrients. Also, VIDATOX 30 CH stimulates and strengthens the immune system.

The above figure shows the healing effects that the immune system is able to do, if properly stimulated. Studies show significant stimulation of the immune system in experimental animals and in patients, using this venom. There is a significant increase in white blood cells and other cells responsible for immune defense. In other words, studies indicate that venom contains substances that are effective in stimulating the immune system and other substances that act as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.